C. 3 Join Bays


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•SOLID STEEL construction.

•Fully adjustable shelf heights

•First grade steel powder coated finish for rust protection

•Latest Interlocking technology

•Fully customizable and expandable

•Double welded joints

•Shelving delivered in kitset form and very simple to assemble & erect. No tools required

•Fantastic value, cheap enough to get your life organized.

•4 Shelves.

Auckland Shelving
Auckland Shelving

Avaiable Sizes: 

6L x 2.5H x 0.6D
6L x 2.5H x 0.5D
6L x 2.5H x 0.45D
6L x 2H x 0.6D
6L x 2H x 0.5D
6L x 2H x 0.45D
6L x 1.8H x 0.6D
6L x 1.8H x 0.5D
6L x 1.8H x 0.45D
6L x 1.5H x 0.6D
6L x 1.5H x 0.5D
6L x 1.5H x 0.45D
2.33L x 2H x 0.6D

4.5L x 2H x 0.6D
4.5L x 2H x 0.5D
4.5L x 2H x 0.45D

4.5L x 1.8H x 0.6D
4.5L x 1.8H x 0.5D
4.5L x 1.8H x 0.45D

4.5L x 1.5H x 0.6D
4.5L x 1.5H x 0.5D
4.5L x 1.5H x 0.45D


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Blue, Grey, Black


6L x 2.5H x 0.6D, 6L x 2.5H x 0.5D, 6L x 2.5H x 0.45D, 6L x 2H x 0.6D, 6L x 2H x 0.5D, 6L x 2H x 0.45D, 6L x 1.8H x 0.6D, 6L x 1.8H x 0.5D, 6L x 1.8H x 0.45D, 6L x 1.5H x 0.6D, 6L x 1.5H x 0.5D, 6L x 1.5H x 0.45D, 4.5L x 2H x 0.6D, 4.5L x 2H x 0.5D, 4.5L x 2H x 0.45D, 4.5L x 1.8H x 0.6D, 4.5L x 1.8H x 0.5D, 4.5L x 1.8H x 0.45D, 4.5L x 1.5H x 0.6D, 4.5L x 1.5H x 0.5D, 4.5L x 1.5H x 0.45D


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