A. Long Span Shelving


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This Shelving is great idea for warehouse, retail shop,Garage and industrial storage applications.


• SOLID STEEL construction.

• MODERATE INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH – GENUINE 300KG per level or 1200KG per Shelving Bay

• Fully adjustable shelf heights

• First grade steel powder coated finish for rust protection

• Latest Interlocking technology

• Fully customizable and expandable

• Double welded joints

• Some simple Assembly required

• 4 Shelves.

• Colour option: Blue, Black, Grey

2 x Uprights
8 x Steel panel
8 x beams

Avaiable Sizes:
2L x 2.5H x 0.6D
2L x 2.5H x 0.5D
2L x 2.5H x 0.45D
2L x 2H x 0.6D
2L x 2H x 0.5D
2L x 2H x 0.45D
2L x 1.8H x 0.6D
2L x 1.8H x 0.5D
2L x 1.8H x 0.45D
2L x 1.5H x 0.6D
2L x 1.5H x 0.5D
2L x 1.5H x 0.45D
2.33L x 2H x 0.6D

1.5L x 2H x 0.6D
1.5L x 2H x 0.5D
1.5L x 2H x 0.45D

1.5L x 1.8H x 0.6D
1.5L x 1.8H x 0.5D
1.5L x 1.8H x 0.45D

1.5L x 1.5H x 0.6D
1.5L x 1.5H x 0.5D
1.5L x 1.5H x 0.45D




Additional information

Weight 55 kg
Dimensions 2000 x 2000 x 75 cm

Blue, Grey, Black


2L x 2.5H x 0.6D, 2L x 2.5H x 0.5D, 2L x 2.5H x 0.45D, 2L x 2H x 0.6D, 2L x 2H x 0.5D, 2L x 2H x 0.45D, 2L x 1.8H x 0.6D, 2L x 1.8H x 0.5D, 2L x 1.8H x 0.45D, 2L x 1.5H x 0.6D, 2L x 1.5H x 0.5D, 2L x 1.5H x 0.45D, 2.33L x 2H x 0.6D, 1.5L x 2H x 0.6D, 1.5L x 2H x 0.5D, 1.5L x 2H x 0.45D, 1.5L x 1.8H x 0.6D, 1.5L x 1.8H x 0.5D, 1.5L x 1.8H x 0.45D, 1.5L x 1.5H x 0.6D, 1.5L x 1.5H x 0.5D, 1.5L x 1.5H x 0.45D