Used Pallet Racking Frame


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Heavy Duty second hand Pallet Racking Frame

Available sizes:

Dexion Fitting(Coffin Style)

1.8H x 0.9w

2.3H x 0.83W

2.7H x 0.9W

3.2H x 0.9W

3.6H x 0.9W

4.3H x 0.9W

4.8H x 0.9W

5.5H x 0.84W

7.5H x 0.9W

Victor Fitting (Tear Drop Style)

2.3H x 0.9W

3.6H x 0.9W

4.2H x 0.9W

4.8H x 0.9W

5.5H x 0.9w

5.0H x 1.2W

Please note:

1.We can make some other sizes for you if needed.

2.The actual product and colours may different to the photos

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Dexion, Victor


1.8H x 0.9w, 2.44H x 0.83W, 2.7H x 0.9W , 3.0H x 0.84D, 3.2H x 0.9W, 3.6H x 0.9W, 4.3H x 0.9W, 4.8H x 0.9W, 5.5H x 0.83w, 7.5H x 0.9W, 5.0H x 1.2W