3 Join Bay ( 200kg/Level)


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This new medium duty versatile steel shelving-unit is fully adjustable and easy to snap together in minutes. It makes a perfect storage option for your home, Shed, Garage, Farm, Retail Or Light-Commercial enterprise. Shelving bays are easily extendable with extra parts available upon request.

* Powder Coated For Rust Protection.
* Levels Are Adjustable Every 75mm, Giving Great Flexibility Of Use.
* Extenable By Adding Extra Bays.
* Flat Packed.

* Shelving require Simple Assembly

*Size: 6L x 2H x 0.6D

*Loading Capacity: 200kg Per Level, 800kg Per Bay, 2400kg per 3 join bays

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6L x 2H x 0.6D, 6L x 2H x 0.5D