Heavy Duty Tyre Racking


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Easily converted into a robust tyre storage solution

Our Longspan system can be modified to provide safe and robust storage for car tyres.

The tyre racks are supplied 600mm deep and we have a variety of standard bay sizes to accommodate 15 to 20 tyres per level.

The system can be delivered quickly and is very easy to install. High bays require the frames to be bolted to the floor and we will supply the expansion anchor bolt for you.

Tyre Rack makes storage and retrieval of different brands and sizes easy whilst maintaining inventory control. Either single ground level only or two-tier with walkways, allowing staff to access tyres individually for rapid customer service.
* Perfect Storage of Tires
* Tyre Racks are accessible from all sides
* Industrial Grade, Each layer can afford 1000kg. Available with light, medium, and heavy loading capacities.
* Different size of tyres can be stored on the same unit.
* High quality and good appearance.
* Convenient for people to use and promptly to fetch and store tyre.
* Multi-level the height between levels can be easily adjusted by 50mm pitch interval.

Please note: They are used but good condition products.

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3L x 2H x 0.6D, 3L x 2.5H x 0.6D