Workbench 04


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No warehouse is complete without a workbench., This fully adjustable steel workbench is great option for your warehouse, Shed, Farm, Garage .

Features :
•SOLID STEEL construction
•200kg per level & 400kg per table (for uniformly distributed loads)
•Fully adjustable shelf heights
•First grade steel powder coated finish
•Latest Interlocking technology
•Fully customizable and expandable
•we can do arrange all kind of delivery
•Shelving delivered in kitset form and very simple to assemble & erect. No tools required
•Fantastic value, cheap enough to get your life organized.


Please note. The Board may be supplied in different Colour to the pictures, MDF Board, Partical Board Randomly.They are seconds but great NZ made quality.

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Blue, Black


2L x 0.9H x 0.6D, 2L x 0.9H x 0.5D, 2L x 0.9H x 0.4D, 1.5L x 0.9H x 0.6D, 1.5L x 0.9H x 0.5D, 1.5L x 0.9H x 0.4D, 1.0L x 0.9H x 0.6D, 1.0L x 0.9H x 0.5D, 1.0L x 0.9H x 0.4D, 2L x 0.9H x 0.83D, 1.5L x 0.9H x 0.83D

Shelf Material

Steel Shelf, 25mm MDF Board